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District 14-D
Lancaster & Lebanon Counties
Award Resources
Misc Resources
Membership Resources
Guiding Lion Resources
(Revised 7/2018)
Multiple District 
(Revised 6/2018
(Revised 6/2018)
(Revised 6/2018)
LCI Standard Constitutions and Bylaws
Region Chairperson 
May 2016    
Zone Chairperson 
May 2016
Club President & 
First Vice President e-Book 
October 2017
District Leadership & Officer Manuals
District/Club Misc Resources
2018-2019 District 14-D Directory 
(Updated 2/16/2019)
District 14-D Policy
 (Updated June 2019)
District Governor's 
Requested Contributions
District Governor's 
Requested Contribution Worksheet
Special Excel Capable Version
Input Capable 
White Cane Reporting Form
State Tax Exemption 
Extension Form
Input Capable 
Cabinet Reporting Form
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Club Leadership & Officer Manuals
Club Secretary e-Book
June 2017
Club Treasurer e-Book 
April 2017
Club Membership
Chairperson e-Book 
June 2017
Club Service
Chairperson e-Book 
July 2017
District  e-Book
August 2016